from Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958 to Peterkin, Norman, 1886-1982

Letter No. VWL1687

Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Norman Peterkin

Letter No.: VWL1687

[8th September 1942]

Dear Peterkin

Excuse wartime paper.
I fear poor old Rowe1 has made a pretty good mess of this.
On page 8 he has copied the wrong accompaniment for 9 bars – I really think it would have saved my time and your expense if the engraver had used my M.S. bad as it is.

R. Vaughan Williams

P.S.  I have just received the SATB & TTBB copies – Rowe has absolutely disregarded my arrangement of the words – the only thing for me to do would be to copy it all again – so the engraver must use my copy which is, I think, reasonably clear – I much regret all this loss of time and energy.2

1.  P.R. Rowe, a music copyist living in Kingston-on-Thames whom VW often recommended to other composers.
2.  Presumably of the song arrangement from the Prelude of The 49th Parallel, called ‘The new Commonwealth’ – see VWL1681.