from Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958 to Karpeles, Maud, 1885-1976

Letter No. VWL4796

Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Maud Karpeles

Letter No.: VWL4796

13, Cheyne Walk,
Chelsea, S.W.3.


Dear Maud
This is rather late to welcome you home. Yes, get Jacob to do the new dances – But you had better interview him first & explain exactly what you mean about the phrasing – or send a specially marked copy.
address Gordon Jacob
             2 Hillside
(If you want them played off M.S. parts he will have to do this as well & that wd be an extra charge)
I’m so sorry I can’t come to the Ctee meeting on Wed, – I’ve got to lecture for the fund at Muswell Hill!
Is not the class on Thursday  – I have an extra rehearsal of the B.C.1 up to 7.30 but cd come on afterwards
R Vaughan Williams

P.S. I return this proof at last
Also this letter from Child2 – we ought to collect evidence on this point
PPS Also I can’t come on Thursday after all – so sorry

1. Bach Choir, which VW conducted.
2. Harold Child. The letter is not enclosed.