from Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958 to Vaughan Williams, Margaret (Meggie), 1870-1931

Letter No. VWL5205

Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Margaret Vaughan Williams

Letter No.: VWL5205

[Charterhouse School]

[15 October 1889]

Dear Meggie,
Please excuse this paper but I suddenly find that i have run out of all my notepaper. I hope to find you at no very distant period singing at a concert that I shall give at Charterhouse (a hypothetical one of course). Hamilton (O.C.) has been staying with Robinson1 and slept in my room, the consequence was that we talked from 10.30 PM till 3 A.M. and as I got up at 6 15 AM I only had (about) three hours sleep. As I suppose you know he is gonig to be a pro. he has been to Bayreuth and now is a Wagnerite. We now have to believe that Mendellsohn2 is NOT a great composer, that though Beethoven is great he is old-fashioned. As to Handel, etc. they are quite out of date. I know Behinke and Pearce’s book3. I think brown, are they not? The concert was not so bad as I expected, but I and another fellow had to play one of [illegible] duets with 1/2 hours practice.

Yours truily,4
Ralph Vaughan Williams

For mother
I have got no tin boxes
I do not want gloves yet
I was bilious and am all right
Will ask Nicholson
Small cakes not big ones thanks very much

For mother: will do all sorts of things which you tell me
Since H has been here, I started a practising mania yesterday. I practised 2 1/2 hours of piano besides counterpt.

1. H.G. Robinson was the school organist. H.V. Hamilton was a pianist and a musicologist.
2. sic
3. Charles W. Pearce and Emil Behnke, Voice training exercises.
4. sic