from Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958 to Maconchy, Elizabeth, 1907-1994

Letter No. VWL1866

Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Elizabeth Maconchy

Letter No.: VWL1866


Feb 18 [1944]

Dearest Betty

You have been good to Jasper1 – I will write to H.J.W.2  when J. has sent his work in.
Now about you – I do feel it very bad that you do not get your stuff done – Have you anything new you could send in to the proms?  If so let me know at once & I will write to H.J.W. at the same time as about Rooper – I have tried to persuade B.B.C. to do the Land again – but as usual they hedged.3
I fear we must confess that you are not popular – I know though theoretically that is a very noble aspiration practically, it is galling
But dearest Betty, you are still young – I was about 30 before I ever heard even a song of mine done in public – so your time may come – so push on and one day perhaps the key will turn in the lock.
I loved the photograph of Anna4  – we must meet one day before she’s too grown up.
My love to Billy5 & all you want for yourself from

Uncle Ralph

1.  Jasper Rooper, a student of RVW and contemporary of Maconchy. 
2.  Sir Henry Wood.
3 . RVW wrote to the BBC about Maconchy’s suite of 1929, The Land, in November 1943 (ex inf JD) and to Henry Wood (see VWL1867) about her ballet Puck Fair on 25 February [1944].  The ballet was included in the Promenade concerts that year.
4.  Maconchy’s elder daughter.
5.  William LeFanu, husband of Maconchy.