from Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958 to Dent, Edward J. (Edward Joseph), 1876-1957

Letter No. VWL586

Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Edward J. Dent

Letter No.: VWL586

13 Cheyne Walk,

[January 1925]

Dear Dent

Many thanks for your letter. I feel much honoured at being selected to represent England at the next Festival.1
As regards conducting – I shd think if Talich2 feels a sympathy with the work & wdlike to do it – he had better do so. Failing him Adrian3 or Malcolm Sargent (who conducts it at the Phil: in April).
As regards the “Rondels”4  Steuart5 is the man for them if possible.
Yours very sincerely

R. Vaughan Williams

1. The Pastoral Symphony was to be given at the International Society of Contemporary Music Festival in Prague. Adrian Boult eventually conducted the work. See VWL576, VWL583, VWL584, VWL585 and R.V.W.: a biography, pp.158-9.
2. Vaclav Talich, chief conductor of the Czech Philharmonic at this time.
3. Adrian Boult
4. Merciless Beauty, Three rondels for high voice, with accompaniment for string trio (2 violins, 1 violoncello) or pianoforte, Catalogue of Works 1921/11.
5. Steuart Wilson, the tenor.