from Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958 to Griffiths, David (b.1907)

Letter No. VWL5203

Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to David Griffiths

Letter No.: VWL5203

The White Gates, 

Feb 14 [1942]

My Dear Griffith1

It was a pleasant surprize to get your letter.
Is it really 10 years since we worked together – it seems like the day-before-yesterday.
I remember worrying through ‘first movement’ form & some songs (to Irish words) which I liked very much. I am so glad you go on composing – I am sure that music ‘for use’ is what is wanted just now – & sometimes, by accident more or less, one does one’s best work that way.
I love your schoolboys definition of musical quotation[?] – it is wonderful how every one is crying out for music these days – at Dorking we are having a shot at the Matthew Passion (abridged) & The Creation.
Give my kind regards to your wife & family – I hope we may meet again one day

R Vaughan Williams 

P.S. I cannot remember if you are a Doctor – but I risk it. 

1. sic. Griffiths was a composer, performer, teacher and music critic of The Scotsman