from Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958 to Scott, Marion

Letter No. VWL3246

Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Marion Scott

Letter No.: VWL3246

13 Cheyne Walk

Friday September 10 [1926]

Dear Miss Scott
I do hope that the arduous days are nearly over – I am so sorry about your father – I got your letter last night & this afternoon Ralph & I went off to Dartford – for we thought we would like to relieve yr mind in that direction.1
We were admitted tho’ it wasn’t visiting day & we had some time with Ivor – physically he is much as he was in June – very truly [fairly?] satisfactory – mentally he was not so well – his talk was more chaotic (drumtaps – Shakespeare & funny & places much as before but more unreal) mixed up with his own sufferings. But still he always answered questions rationally – he knew of yr father’s illness – and said he meant to write to you but writing a letter took him 4 hours.
He seemed pleased with the tobacco Ralph brought & we also brought fruit – the attendant said he was eating well & that he didn’t notice any difference in him.
I felt more strongly than before that he ought to be in other surroundings.
He brought in armfuls of books and his new songs – now published – I wish we could have seen the doctor but we failed to do that.
Before we left he asked for 2 books wh we shall send him – I was so glad – Meistersingers & Saintsbury’s English literature.
This is a quick line – just to give you news – I am so pleased that you wrote
Send us a postcard some time to say how your father is
Yours very sincerely
Adeline Vaughan Williams

1.  Ivor Gurney, the composer, was in a psychiatric hospital in Dartford.