from Vaughan Williams, Adeline, 1870-1951 to Finzi, Gerald, 1901-1956

Letter No. VWL615

Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

Letter No.: VWL615

13 Cheyne Walk

[1st April 1927]

Dear Mr Finzi

The portraits are surprisingly good.  I didn’t dare hope for anything like that.  Henry’s lovely eyes & whiskers have come out so well.1  I am sending them to Philadelphia today.  Next time we will manage better for you – Thank you very much indeed for your great patience –
Yours sincerely

Adeline Vaughan Williams

1. Henry was a cat belonging to R.O. Morris and his wife, Emmeline (Adeline’s sister, always called Jane by her husband). Morris was at this time head of the Theory Department (or, according to Alice Sumsion in letter to UVW in 1965, the Composition Department) of the Curtis Musical Institute at Philadelphia.