from Vaughan Williams, Adeline, 1870-1951 to Hornstein, Genia (Eugenia), 1907-1970

Letter No. VWL2895

Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Genia Hornstein

Letter No.: VWL2895

The White Gates

Friday [?1942 or later]

Dear Genia
Do you think I might venture to ask Mr Müller Hartmann to glance through a composition that has been sent me from Germany? – A friend of ours Helena Hoven1 a Russian now married to an Englishman and living in london is very anxious about her niece who is married to a German composer. They are both in a camp for displaced persons in Munich with 2 children and are trying to get to America. Ralph told Helena he could do nothing without some knowledge of the German composers musical attainments. The result – after long delays – is a thick roll of manuscript – (I fear it may be a symphony!)
My friend Helena fled with her parents & niece & nurse during the Russian revolution. They were first in Malta & then came to England so we have known her & her family off and on for many years. Ralph always says he can’t read a score & I think just now it might be the last straw- But you will tell me honestly whether we can venture to ask for help from Mr. Müller Hartmann,
Love from
A M Vaughan Williams

1. See also VWL1513 where RVW writes to support Helena.