from Vaughan Williams, Adeline, 1870-1951 to Curle, Cordelia, 1879-1970

Letter No. VWL1179

Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Cordelia Curle

Letter No.: VWL1179

The White Gates,
Westcott Road,

Wed [3rd January 1934]

Belov Boo.

Morris’s Symph came through perfectly – It sounded very distinguished to me – The 1st movement just slightly like R’s ‘Pastoral’ in sound. The 2nd movement very delicate & curious, the last more rhythmic & perhaps the most attractive – I think the end of it all might have been more emotional –
R liked it very much – but says the form is a bit too clear for the emotional content & that Adrian1 didn’t put enough passion into it – & never really got inside it – but certainly it was marvellously clear to follow – good applause from QH2 wh was a good half full- wh was remarkable considering the fog.  Everyone who had a wireless must have listened in with pleasure – Morris is such a good broadcaster – his scoring so clear.3
 All is well with us – R going to London for Folk dance Fest on Saturday –
Morris & Emmie4 are coming here tomorrow or Friday – such a good visit from Mac Lettle[?] & Mary5  –
Mac has done good work in stirring up Ad’s head master!6


Mrs Curle
c/o Charles Tennyson Esq
Farring ford
I of Wight

1. Adrian Boult
2. Queen’s Hall
3. R.O. Morris’s Sinfonia in C major (unpublished and not mentioned in The New Grove, but listed in Grove 5).
4. R.O. Morris and Emmeline Morris.
5. Unidentified
6. Adam was Cordelia’s son.