Funding Conditions


  1. By making an application you agree to abide by these conditions. 
  1. Applicants agree to complete their application and provide the requested information by the deadline clearly stated on our website.   
  1. Applicants agree to update the Foundation during the application process if there are significant changes to their artistic, or financial, plans or their contact details. 
  1. The Foundation will not make grants retrospectively, or to projects which do not meet its stated objectives. 
  1. The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of your completed application. 
  1. The Foundation will collect, process and use personal data made available to us only for the purpose of dealing with your application.  
  1. We will aim to let you know the Trustees’ decision within twelve weeks of the application deadline.  
  1. The Trustees’ deliberations are confidential and the Foundation cannot undertake to provide applicants with detailed individual feedback. 


  1. Beneficiaries must confirm acceptance of their grant and the terms of its award within 10 days of receipt of an offer.  
  1. On offer of a grant you will be given a grant reference number which must be quoted in all correspondence with the Foundation. 
  1. Grants are to be used only for the specified purpose stated in your application. If there are any significant changes to your project as originally outlined, or to your financial plans, you must inform us as soon as possible. We will do our best to support you, but we do reserve the right to review the grant in this instance and continued funding is conditional on our renewed agreement in writing. 
  1. Crediting: beneficiaries undertake to give public credit (online or in print) to support received from the Vaughan Williams Foundation. This includes in programme books; in scores, recordings, films, books or other funded publications as appropriate; and in relevant publicity and social media (@VWFndn). Our logo is available for download and should be used where ever possible.  When the grant has been given for the support of a living composer, or their music, please make sure the composer is made aware of the Foundation’s support. 
  1. By accepting a grant you agree that we can disclose your (or your organisation’s) name and any grant paid to you (or your organisation) in any publication (electronic or otherwise), including annual accounts. 
  2. When a project is cancelled or otherwise not implemented, the beneficiaries undertake to inform us promptly in writing of the reason for the cancellation. Should a project not go ahead, we reserve the right to claim back from the beneficiaries any funds already paid out.  


  1. We require confirmation in advance that your project is going ahead as planned – please confirm key delivery dates in advance ideally supported by an appropriate web link.  
  1. Please send evidence as soon as possible of at least one instance of your credit for the Foundation’s support. 
  1. Recordings/films/publications – please provide the Trustees with at least two final hard copies (or online access to the finished product if appropriate). 
  1. Festivals/Performances/Events while it is not possible for the Foundation to be represented at all the events we support; we would welcome the offer in advance of two tickets for key performances. 
  1. We do not ask for a formal report at the end of your project, although it always good to know how things have gone. 


  1. Grants will only be paid once sufficient funding has been raised to ensure that the project will proceed according to plan. 
  1. Larger grants may be paid in instalments – this will be discussed on award of the grant.  
  1. Beneficiaries agree to provide the Foundation with the details of the bank account for payment on headed paper (of the organisation or individual) at the point that the grant falls due for payment. 
  1. Every effort will be made to make prompt payment of grants by bank transfer once the terms of the grant have been complied with. 
  1. Beneficiaries will confirm receipt of the grant payment within 10 days of payment.  
  2. Our usual schedule for payment is as follows (unless agreed otherwise in advance with the Director): 
  • Commission fees – grants will be paid on confirmation from the commissioner that the completed score has been received and accepted, and that two performance dates are confirmed. 
  • Festivals/Performances – grants will be paid one month before the first confirmed performance. 
  • Recordings/films – grants will usually be paid once recording is completed and a release date is confirmed. 
  • Publications – the payment process will be discussed on award of the grant. 
  • Other projects – the payment process will be discussed on award of the grant.